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Tommy Lee's Methods Of  Mayhem, A Public Disservice Annoucement

Back in 2010 Tommy Lee wanted to "make a record with the world".  Download the tracks to his songs and add your own parts to the tune! If he liked it he was going to use it! I was fortunate to be credited on 3 songs, Drunk Uncle Pete, Blame, and Only One. Not only is Tommy Lee on all of it, it was produced by hit rock producer Scott Humphrey (Rob Zombie, Motley Crue, Metallica).  There are superstar rock artists like Chad Kroeger (Nickelback), Chino Moreno (DefTones), Josh Todd (BuckCherry) and others on it as well. Honored to be immortalize with this great "crue"! Read the wiki on the release!

Drunk Uncle Pete

I played the hooky guitar bend (double stops) and some driving guitar. Tommy said "dude we tried to get that with our guitar player but you nailed it"!


I played chimmy pretty guitars in the chorus of this one! I loved this one. Even played it out in my cover band back near the time the record came out.

Only One

I played the hooky guitar bends on the end of the chorus  (double stops again) and that funky note at the transition from first chorus to the second verse!

In The Studio With Tommy & Scott

I was invited to come preview the record at Tommy's studio at his house. They shot some B roll with me while I was there. I was pretty much a dork here but what a cool memory!

Here's a youtube playlist of videos that were shot during the year of making the "online" album. These are mainly my submissions and shout outs.  Click the image to go to that Youtube playlist!

Here are some photos regarding the session!